Future Ideas for The Economy of Rhineland-Palatinate!

13.11. – 15.11.2020

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The online Hackathon of the economy in Rhineland-Palatinate

The corona pandemic has shown how much digitisation can increase the economy’s resilience to shocks: From home offices to virtual wine tasting. Digitisation increases resilience for citizens and for our businesses.

„Digitisation is the immune system of the economy“

With the Online Hackathon of the Economy, the Ministry of Economy, Transport, Agriculture and Viniculture of Rhineland-Palatinate, is initiating together with other partners from the business community, a state-wide platform for the targeted support of new and creative ideas in our young and dynamic, medium-sized economy. The focus is particularly on the exchange between startups, SMEs and science so that the innovation location Rhineland-Palatinate can emerge from the crisis stronger and more digitised.
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Hackathon Challenges

A challenge describes a category in which several so-called use cases fall. A use case is concretely formulated and poses a problem that teams are working on. Each challenge and use case has at least one mentor, who provides professional support for you and your team before, during and ideally also after the hackathon.

The RLP Hackathon has 5 challenges.


IoT (Internet of Things)

Smart Farming

Smart Mobility


The concrete use cases will be published within the next weeks. You can already decide which challenge you would like to participate in. Do you work for a company that has concrete problems? Does it fit the challenge categories? Please contact us, we are open for ideas.

Our Partners

You can only be successful in a hackathon as a team. Everyone counts! For us, every partner counts, without you we would not be able to run the Hackathon alone. Thanks to all our cooperation partners who support us.

Science & Education

Economy, Associations, Projects

Economic development

Digital Hubs & Coworking Spaces

Any questions about the Hackathon of the Economy Rhineland-Palatinate?

In the coming weeks we will continuously fill the website with further content. First of all, here are some basic answers to questions that one or the other of you might have about the Hackathon.
What is a Hackathon?

The term „hackathon“ is derived from the words „to hack“ and „marathon“, which basically summarises the basic idea of a hackathon: a marathon to hack!

So what does it involve? It is an event where participants from different backgrounds come together to work in teams on technical, business and design issues. It can be software, hardware solutions or simple concepts.
Due to the corona crisis, our hackathon will take place online.

Who can apply?

Anyone who is interested in working on one of the challenges is welcome to apply. No matter if you are a geek, a creative, an entrepreneur or none of the above-mentioned people. We are looking for very heterogeneous teams. Everyone has a fair chance to be accepted!

What is your motivation to participate? What is your professional background? Have you already participated in other hackathons? If you are still a minor, you are welcome to apply. Please note that during the virtual event you will need a legal guardian/parent – the existing laws will apply.

What are the selection criteria?

Since all challenges are unique in their structure, they also require different types of talent. Therefore we are looking for very heterogeneous teams.

During the application process, the challenges will be prioritised according to your interests. As an applicant, you will be informed by us whether you are eligible to participate in the challenge.

Where will the Hackathon take place?
The Hackathon will take place online due to the corona situation. This does not stop you or your teams from meeting to work together on the challenges. But remember the corona rules!
How can I find a team?

After you have received a confirmation as a participant, we will invite you to our communication channel, which is exclusively for the respective event. You can use this tool to communicate with other participants and find potential team members prior to the event.

In any case, on the first day of the hackathon after our kick-off, there will be a team-building and idea-finding phase, including a detailed presentation of all challenges.

What are the winning prizes?

First of all, we hope that everyone leaves the Hackathon with good memories. That you had a good time working together in the team and with us.

We also have some prizes for the best ideas: For each challenge, the challenge sponsor will award a winning team. The amount of the prizes will be announced soon.

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